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Chris Rolinson BMus(Hons)  CertEd(Dist)  DipLCM  DipVCM(Hons)  PMEPTA  APRS


Exams can be a really useful way of measuring your progress on the piano. 

The word "exam" may initially put you off, but all you are really doing is performing in front of an audience of one person, the examiner.

For most piano exams, you simply prepare a few pieces - there may also be some exercises to play and there are usually a few questions to answer and a few other short items. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of and I will prepare you as thoroughly as I can before you take any exams.

I use the London College of Music exams - their syllabi and courses are first rate and up-to-date, as well as accredited within the National framework, as well as accepted around the world. 

Their Jazz/Pop/Rock piano exams in particular are very popular, especially with adults, although many of my students choose to do both classical and jazz/pop/rock together.

Here is a breakdown of my Exam results since 2007...

Number of Entries: 326

Distinctions (a mark of 85%+): 280
Merits (a mark of 75%+): 42
Passes (a mark of 65%+): 4
Fails (a mark below 65%): 0

(Last updated - January 2021)

It is important to bear in mind that while exam results are not the be-all and end-all of learning to play piano, you may feel that they may nonetheless provide some guide as to the quality of teaching.

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